The ethereal beauty of flesh and the fluidity of draped fabric combine to captivate me and fuels my desire to paint.

My subject matter is the female form

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I have always worked on linen or flax canvas which I prepare in a way to expose the natural beauty of the material. I build up the paint in fine layers as I like to emphasise the sense of light in my paintings.

I hope to create a sense of luminosity

I aim to capture the essence of my sitters character in the most natural way.


The balance of tone and colour, as well as the way that lights plays against the body, combine to create something really quite beautiful and captivating to me. There is a definite sense of ambiguity which I deliberately create by choosing to focus on the body rather than the face. I leave my backgrounds empty as the negative space is an important compositional tool.

Composition is a puzzle I enjoy to explore through my paintings.

Artistic Practice

Figurative Work

Two decade’s experience producing oil paintings based on the female form in a variety of scales and on a selection of surfaces, exhibiting commercially across the UK

Portrait Commissions

Portrait painting in oil, commissions undertaken of adults and children, both singularly and in groups. I paint from my own photographs taken in one sitting.

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Figurative Work

Portrait Commissions

Rebecca Faulding

Figurative Artist based in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire

Call on: 07813826046